Can Increased Bandwidth Save You Money?

posted on June 23rd 2015 byBryan Christensen in CHR News with 0 Comments


As always, I am vendor- and technology-agnostic when it comes to finding the best solutions for our clients, but I’m really happy about a relationship we’ve developed that has allowed us to identify cost savings and bandwidth improvements for many of the large organizations we serve.

By working closely with Frontier Communications, we have been able to move several of our clients, including Abundant Life Church and Aldis Manufacturing, to faster, more stable solutions. In one case, we were able to identify a solution that saved a large area nonprofit thousands of dollars and increased its bandwidth tenfold.

Frontier’s offerings include Internet and phone services throughout the Portland metro area, which is also served by CenturyLink and Comcast. It’s possible that Frontier might be more efficient and cost-effective for your organization as well; let me know if you’d like me to look into how we might be able to save you money.

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CHR Named 76th Fastest-Growing Private Company by the Portland Business Journal

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We found out at a Wild West-themed gala last night that CHR has been ranked the 76th fastest-growing private company in Oregon and S.W. Washington by the Portland Business Journal. The publication’s annual ranking, the PBJ100, examines privately held companies in the region, ranking them by percentage revenue growth over a three-year period.

We’re excited about the direction our partnerships with new and old clients alike are taking us. CHR grew tremendously in the first half of 2015, nearly doubling our staff and adding resources to enhance our service offerings and product resources.

We look forward to continuing our growth throughout the rest of this year and into 2016 by implementing new systems, increasing efficiency and further developing technology partnerships that enhance our IT expertise.

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Reflections on the ShoreTel One Partner Conference

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As you may know, among CHR’s offerings are unified communications solutions, so I recently traveled to the ShoreTel One Partner Conference in Orlando, FL to find out more about ShoreTel’s strategy for the coming months and years.

As a ShoreTel partner, it was a great opportunity to network, share best practices and hear insights from industry analysts and thought leaders. To be clear, at CHR, we are technology agnostic, recommending the best solution for each of our clients’ unique needs, but we often find that many of our clients looking for a unified communications solution can benefit from a ShoreTel phone system. By working closely with ShoreTel, we’re able to offer a reliable, highly flexible and efficient solution that allows us to manage all moves and changes, optimize call flow and enable people to access voice mail and services wherever they may be.

Among the takeaways at the conference were Shoretel’s upcoming new version and features that will enable businesses to connect a more diverse workforce, one that is not tied to the office telephone systems.

In addition, ShoreTel affirmed throughout the conference that its target market is small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) – the client with 5,000 users or less — with ShoreTel CEO Don Joos stating that 86% of the market fits this category. That aligns very closely with one of CHR’s main markets as well, so I’m very glad to hear that ShoreTel will be investing significant resources into serving these users.

Lastly, ShoreTel also used the conference to announce that it is also launching a hybrid platform to help partners make the transition to the cloud. With a shift from on-premise to cloud solutions underway and becoming prevalent, ShoreTel is banking on this hybrid platform to help fuel future growth, even while the bulk of its customers continue to use on-premise solutions.

I left the conference more excited than ever about the industry and how we can help our customers focus on what they do best. I’m always happy to chat about this subject, so feel to reach out if you’d like to know more.

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CHR Expands its Offerings with the Addition of David Jessup and Team

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I feel fortunate that we have recently been able to expand our team, and our service offerings as a result. Joining CHR are David Jessup, a former partner with Portland-based IT firm Secure Digital Networks, and his engineering team, who share our commitment to helping businesses accomplish greater, more robust goals.

By integrating our new team members’ expertise, CHR can grow its presence in the industry as we continue to create unique, custom IT solutions. Our expanded service offerings include enhanced technical and business advising services in addition to extended capabilities in IT server and infrastructure support.

David brings to our management team more than 15 years of experience helping people leverage technology to transform their businesses. David is a great fit with our team: Not only does he share our love for technology, but he’s also passionate about educating his clients about IT.

David believes that he can make the greatest impact by helping his clients understand their technology needs and the right solutions to meet those needs. From empowering non-profits with enterprise technology to putting small businesses on an equal footing with Fortune 500 companies, David enjoys connecting people with technology that makes a measurable impact in their day-to-day lives. Outside of work, David and his wife enjoy running, photography and exploring Portland and its surroundings.

Please join us in welcoming David to our management team!

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Our Recent Retreat, Told in Pictures

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The CHR Creative team traveled to the beautiful Oregon coast recently for our second annual team retreat. We arrived in Neskowin on Friday, May 15, and headed out to Kyllo’s in Lincoln City for dinner before returning to the beach house for a breakout session, a tasting of 40-year-old port and some time in the hot tub. The following day, we continued the retreat with morning and afternoon breakout sessions followed by a team pasta dinner cooked by Casey. All in all, it was a successful retreat, with time for team building, reviewing our recent successes and challenges and planning for the future! We’d like to share a few visual highlights of our retreat, below.

Bryan, enjoying the beach

Casey, Nick and Cassie (Nick’s fiance)

Dave Pett getting in a workout in between sessions

Our beautiful view

Our team enjoys a pasta dinner

Travis and his fiance, Jillian

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Welcome to the CHR Creative Blog!

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We are excited to launch our new blog and share with you our expertise and perspectives on IT trends and solutions. From our very first conversation about how we could use a blog to communicate with our clients, we knew we wanted to be able to share what we have learned as we design creative, flexible solutions to help businesses accomplish new, more robust goals.

At CHR Creative, we are in our element when we’re strategizing and delivering forward-thinking advice to optimize systems and avoid IT and communications breakdowns. Along the way, we come across interesting ideas, time-saving tips and innovative solutions to business problems, and we’ll use the space here to share these thoughts with you.

We hope you will join in the conversation as you learn more about what inspires us when it comes to all things IT.


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