Thank you Everyone for the Fun

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We all had a wonderful time at the open house last week! Thanks a million to everyone who joined us. You made our night: there was a great turnout–clients, friends and family, colleagues from ShoreTel and Datto, and of course, the excellent staff from Al-Amir.
Casey and Bryan, Justin and David Jessup, Nathan Adams
After ten years of doing what we love to do, it was very gratifying to come together with such a diverse group of people we’ve had the pleasure of supporting, interacting with, and being supported by.
Casey Chistensen, Dave Pett, Rachit Maheshwari--being awesome
Once again, it was such a thrill for us to have you there, and if you’re reading this now and weren’t able to turn up, we look forward to seeing you next time.
Reginald Crockett, Nathan Adams, David Diaz, Sean Murphy, Casey Christensen
–Let’s take note of Corey Kennedy, a massively valuable member of the team, who shot these lovely photos.

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