The top 5 reasons to hire an external IT consultant, no matter what size company

posted on August 15th 2016 byBryan Christensen in CHR News with 0 Comments

You probably remember painfully well how many days (or weeks) it took to do your last computer system upgrade or security update, even your phone system. Not only is it time consuming to implement it all, it takes weeks – if not months – to plan for such an upgrade due to the sheer volume of knowledge necessary to learn what needs to be done, and then how it will physically get accomplished.

This is where an external IT consulting company can help your organization navigate and get through a transition most effectively, and probably more economically in both the short- and the long-term than only in-house expertise. Here’s what you can expect from an outside IT company or consultant:

1. Broad-based expertise
Experienced consultants have a broad depth of IT knowledge, and they are trained to know many different systems and software. This is what they do for a living and it’s their livelihoods. As a general course of action, a consulting company will come in and analyze what you’re currently using and provide you with recommendations. They can advise on a variety of tools and systems that will work best in your environment, whether it’s a large company or a small office, a non-profit or a governmental agency, or anything in between. They’ve tested many products and have a good idea of what works and what doesn’t.

2. Depth of experience
Professionals bring real experience in implementing projects for a significant number and variety of different organizations. There’s a good chance they’ve seen it all. That makes problem solving and overcoming any hurdles even easier. They are used to developing a wide range of project scopes and change management plans. They’ve worked with a variety of different management structures and can help overcome resistance within the internal teams.

3. Quicker deployment
A successful IT consulting company will come in and analyze the unique needs for your organization, keep the important internal resources where they belong and not try to reinvent the wheel with every project. This in turn will save you time and money. A good IT consulting team knows how to go about the process of putting a procedure plan or template in place, one that has already proven effective. Letting the experts help not only gives peace of mind, but it can mean quicker deployment. You can scale as needed to get the job done.

4. Independent objectivity
An external IT team can bring an independent, objective point of view and push what needs to really get done. Often change (even if it’s positive) is met with resistance, especially in the planning stages and immediately upon deployment with any project. An IT consulting team can help facilitate discussion with company stakeholders, outline goals and answer questions, concerns and objections to drive the project towards a positive outcome. While internal staff may fret over making certain people happy, an independent consulting company can be more objective through the whole process.

5. HR flexibility and money savings
You still get the specialized expertise that your company needs, but you’ll have a much smaller outlay compared to what you would pay internally. You can work with IT consultants on an on-going basis, or as needed on a project, and have the flexibility to scale up and down. While you may pay a higher hourly wage for a consulting service, in the long run you will save money by saving on salaries, perks, employee benefits and tax contributions. This overall provides you with a more efficient and cost-effective solution to your IT needs.

In summary, IT consultants can provide you with specific expertise, help you complete projects on time and save you money while meeting your organization’s goals. Always ask for references and customer testimonials when selecting a consultant. As always, we’re happy to help answer any questions.

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