Creative IT, Personified

Through a diverse and highly skilled team, CHR makes a profound impact on the effectiveness and efficiency of IT solutions. Our close-knit team brings an entrepreneurial approach to each engagement that we believe sets us apart and furthers our integrated partnership with like-minded organizations. We’re approachable and direct, and we have the ability to partner with other IT services firms in order to achieve a common goal.

Bryan Christensen

President and Senior Consultant

If you’ve met Bryan, you probably already know he has a heart for service. It began to develop when he was a teenager, with his work toward becoming an Eagle Scout, and solidified while serving his country as a Corpsman in the U.S. Navy, where he saved lives and helped people who were hurting or needed aid.

It was during his time in the Navy that he found a love for technology. Almost overnight, he went from being “a medic” to “an IT guy” when the Navy computerized its systems. He developed an early focus not on the individual device or software but on the big picture of how people and businesses benefit from holistic solutions.

Bryan founded CHR in 2007 to bring together his passions for helping others and for technology. He loves knowing he can make a difference for his clients every day. He admires the way technology can enable business successes and thrives on helping people and companies grow in their understanding and use of technology.

As president and senior consultant, Bryan manages CHR’s day-to-day sales and technical operations and serves as the customer’s main contact for all projects and engagements. He has an extensive background in IT management and systems security with an emphasis on multi-site wide area communications systems. He holds both a clinical and a didactic counseling certificate from the U.S. Navy and has certificates in consulting from Microsoft Professional Services and Franklin Covey Consulting. Bryan also has earned many technical and engineering certificates from Novel, Microsoft, Cisco, Intel and ShoreTel.

In his free time, Bryan enjoys exploring, whether it’s locally -- discovering a new food cart or treasure hunting as an avid Geocacher (300 caches found in the last year alone!) -- or further afield, with travels including Europe and Central America and a humanitarian visit to Cuba. He thinks Portland is a great place to live and have a business.

Casey H. Christensen

VP of Operations and Finance

If something about Casey feels familiar, it could be because she’s the voice for many of CHR Creative’s clients’ auto attendance phone menus. It’s but one example of what Bryan calls her wide-ranging “Girl Friday” skill set – her scope of work at CHR ranges from training phone system users to accounting and proofreading. You might find her crawling into a closet to restart a server, baking cookies for a CFO visiting the CHR office or walking around a warehouse during a camera system installation asking, “Can you see me now?”

With a Bachelor of Science degree in psychology from George Fox University and a J.D. from the University of Nebraska – Lincoln, Casey has been keeping CHR’s non-tech activities running smoothly since 2008. One of her favorite aspects of working at CHR is the diversity of its client base, which has given her the opportunity to meet many different people, from nonprofit executives to doctors, pastors, railroad car repairmen and more. She also enjoys watching the “Aha!” moment as clients she’s training suddenly understand their previously incomprehensible new phone systems.

When she’s not working, Casey loves to travel. Her first passport stamp came via a trip to Australia, and subsequent travels included Jordan, Belize and Bonaire. As a certified scuba diver, she often explores her new surroundings underwater. Closer to home, she enjoys cooking and baking for family and friends, getting lost in a good book and heading to the range for target practice.

If you’d told Casey 10 years ago that this is where she’d be now – married to a guy she met in high school and reconnected with 15 years later (Bryan), with two teenage children and multiple pets, having left her private law practice to work at a technology consulting company – she would have laughed and said you were crazy. But here she is, and she wouldn’t change a thing.

Nathan Adams

Executive Vice President

Nathan makes a lot of magic here at CHR.

As a Rocky Mountain kid, raised by one of the last real cowboys, it’s a wonder that he got himself ensnared by technology at such a very young age. His knowledge and skills evolved quickly, which gave him a vast number of opportunities to learn from and work with some of the best people in the industry. This has helped shape his passion for tech and communications, while fueling many fantastic projects and relationships—the collective foundation for his professional growth.

Over time he has migrated to the business development/sales side of things. Technology continues to engage his interest; this, along with years of experience, contribute to his success in helping companies realize the applications and benefits of tech that will further their growth and vision.

Nathan also has one of the coolest dogs ever, a variety of hobbies and passions that he enjoys talking about over a glass of something good, and spends the majority of his off-work time with his wife and family.

David Diaz

Systems Administrator

“In the Information Age, anything can be fixed or broken with time and effort.” This has been David Diaz’s motto for years. And with a determination for the former, David enjoys solving complex technical issues that may be outside the realm of day-to-day tech support.

David always has had an interest in computers, working on or with them since he was a pre-teen, and was the frequent go-to guy in school for fellow students’, or even faculty’s, IT woes. Now, with A+ certification by the Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA), he is still depended on for quick solutions and problem-solving by his clients at CHR Creative. Because, as David knows, things can get broken with zero effort and at a moment’s notice.

David has previous experience in call center support, helping outside company customers with day-to-day technical needs. At CHR, David enjoys more personalized support in managing and maintaining networks and servers, as well as helping clients with their desktop and mobile support needs.

With computers and networking not only as his career, but also his hobby, David enjoys spending his free time online gaming with friends or reading fantasy and science-fiction novels. He always loves keeping up on the latest technology news and emerging products. It just goes to show that if you truly love what you do, it never feels like work.

Matt Kolsky

Systems Administrator

While working in IT might seem like an entirely different world than Matt’s previous profession as a wildland firefighter in eastern Oregon, there are a few maxims that ring true in both: stay calm, react quickly, follow your instincts and always be willing and ready to put out a fire (literally or figuratively).

Matt’s time fighting fires as part of his family’s business not only taught him valuable life skills but also about what is important in life. Close calls in the line of fire gave him a new perspective, brought him closer to family, and shaped Matt into the person he is today.

Tinkering with computers and gadgets ever since he was a young kid, Matt’s friends and family told him that technology was what he needed to be doing in his career. And he is glad he listened. Prior to CHR Creative, Matt was a Comcast technician for more than seven years where he developed his astute technical and customer service skills.

The on-site work Matt does with CHR Creative, setting up networks and remote IT access, enables his favorite part of the job - interacting and working with clients on a day-to-day basis to ensure all of their programs are running smoothly. Among CHR’s clients, Matt is known for his follow-through as well as his quick response and flexibility to be where and when he is needed - another skill carried over from his firefighting days.

Matt’s love for all things tech extends to his hobbies, too. He likes to play with computers, buy gadgets and kick back watching the new projector in his living room. He also is an outdoor enthusiast, whether hiking through Oregon’s Redwoods forests, exploring caves or camping, he is always up for an adventure.

Reginald Crocker

Network Technician

With his years of experience in computer repair and training, Reg takes great pride in helping clients understand the technology they're working with, communicating best practices and instruction on maintenance, ensuring that all runs smoothly. Reg's favorite thing about working in IT is that moment when everything comes together and a client sees the value of the solution CHR has provided. The expression he hears most often is, "Thank you for your patience with me." His natural professionalism and friendly demeanor really come through in any conversation. Reg holds an A+ Certification and is working towards completing Network+ (both CompTIA) as of early 2017. Outside of work, Reg enjoys bodybuilding and fitness, building computers and tinkering with gadget repair, watching science fiction films and television, tech and business documentaries, Formula 1 racing, football, and basketball. A quotation from Steve Ballmer that means a great deal to him both personally and professionally: "The number one benefit of information technology is that it empowers people to do what they want to do. It lets people be creative. It lets people be productive. It lets people learn things they didn't think they could learn before, and so in a sense it is all about potential."

Shawn Bell

Office Manager

Shawn is the mistress of managing. As office manager, she organizes, builds, tears down, and keeps the business orderly and running smoothly. With an extensive history as a legal assistant and an executive assistant of a large nonprofit, she brings a level head and an eye for detail to the team. Before joining CHR, Shawn had worked with the team for over 5 years, so she comes in with a strong knowledge of the business from the get-go. Shawn enjoys working with and for the unique and caring staff at CHR, and likes to keep the mood light with her sense of humor.

When not in the office, Shawn enjoys gardening, ceramics, and summertime croquet with friends.

Justin Mannie

Network Technician

At CHR, Justin's passion to help clients become as productive and efficient as possible really shines through in his great work troubleshooting and repairing computers. Improving someone's day brings him a lot of satisfaction, not to mention getting to introduce new and amazing advances in technology. When he was a teenager, he and his father built his first computer from parts. As a result of this experience he learned how to put things together and make them work; from there out he was "The Master" with anyone in the family's phones or computers. Justin has an AAS degree from Portland Community College in Computer Information Systems and Network Administration, as well as an A+ cert (CompTIA). In his spare time he enjoys disc golfing, fishing (he's a member of the Puget Sound Anglers Fishing Club along with his grandfather and brother), hiking, and biking, and is developing an interest in digital photography and video editing

Brian Jaspers

Media & Physical Plant Engineer

Brian Jaspers has pulled miles and miles of cabling during his career as an infrastructure wiring specialist. Soft-spoken, meticulous, and efficient, Brian is able to work his magic even in the midst of the goings on in a busy office. When he isn’t running wires for CHR Creative, this Oregon country boy is fishing or taking care of his donkeys.